Our works & Activities

Development Of Social Work

Social Communication, Social club, Cultural Activity, Prevention of Superstition and More Social activities.

Good Education

Library,Distribution of educational materials,Book fair,Educational trip & scholarship, Development of Humanity and Values(The spread of religious education, Religious meetings,The responsibility and duty of the people,Practicing values.

Health Education

Medical camp, Medical Seminar, Medical equipment distribution, Construction of medical Centre’s, Awareness of health Issue, Blood Donation Camp and more Health facilities.

Development of information & Technology

E-club establish, E-learning, Computer Education, Secure Internet use
Others ICT activities

Development of Child & Woman Psychological

The development of the soul ,Baby grow up safely, Sport for the baby, Teaching Healthy Cultures, Mental health Support training for Women and More Child & Woman activities for family and Society.

Development of Environment & Climate change

Tree Plantation, Eco-System Development, Animal Safety, Clean village and Green city, Prevent water and Air pollution.

Rehabilitation of the Orphans and Elderly

Safe accommodation, Education and good health, Increasing social participation of orphans and the elderly and More activities.

Elimination of proverty

Employment Arrangement, Creating Entrepreneurship, Business Management Training & support, Financing support for entrepreneur More facilities work.


Clean & Green Society, Road Accident, Human rights, Culture Program, Corruption Awareness Program and More others Activities.


News & Events

18 Feb
  • 20:15 pm
  • rajabari

The Shafi Foundation is a Social Service and Charity Organization. We are working on behalf of the people around us.It is Sponsored and Managed by ordinary people. Anyone can Donate, Work or Support from anyplace in this Social Service Platform.

Supporters & Volunteers

Hello, yes! We called you from Shafi Foundation.Come & joint with us for around people .who can help our society people. anyone can work at Shafi Foundation for Global Happiness.Welcome to Shafi Foundation & joint willingly.

Social Service is our Passion. We work for People, people joint with us. Stay with Shafi Foundation


How you can help

  • 100 BDT will enable us to ensure that 2 (two) new-born babies receive essential cord care, a vital intervention to reduce the risk of sepsis infection.
  • 500 BDT will ensure that we can support 5 families affected by emergencies with water purification tablets ensuring their access to safe drinking water for two weeks.
  • 1000 BDT will enable us to provide 250 children between 6 months and one year with a full year of vitamin A supplementation. Just two doses of vitamin A supplementation per year significantly reduces child mortality.
  • 10,000 BDT will enable us to provide a second chance at education for out of school children.
  • 34,000 BDT will enable us to provide an adolescent with 6 months of skills training, helping them access employment and secure a better future.

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Jobs & Careers

You should join to us. Develop your career at SHAFI. Share your knowledge ,care your future and enjoy your life.

* Business Development Manager.

* Creative Director.

* Digital Media Manager. 

* Marketing Executive.

* Office Executive.

Send your Proposal or  Resume at info@shafi.com.bd or inquiry.shafi@gmail.com

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